Ready to go!

A single component, light cured self-etching, fluoride releasing dentin and enamel bonding system.

It’s good to go!

Go! is a super quick adhesive saving you valuable chair time: you don’t have to shake the bottle, etch the dentin nor do you have to wash it off. You don’t even need to rub or agitate it! Just one application is required. Once cured, you can immediately place your restorative over Go!. Your patient is then good to Go!. Try Go! on your pediatric patients because it is so fast to use.

HEMA free

Go! does not contain HEMA. Protect yourself and your staff from possible skin irritation associated with HEMA.

Quick color change

Initially, Go! is a dark yellow color, but upon curing, it changes to clear. You know when you can go to the next step.

No more post-operative sensitivity

You can’t over dry or over etch when you use Go! Therefore, post-operative sensitivity will not occur.

Low film thickness

Go!’s low film thickness provides an invisible margin between the restoration and the tooth.

Super high fluoride release

Go!’s high fluoride release assists in strengthening the tooth and preventing recurrent decay.

No water residue

Unlike some 7th generation adhesives, there are no water droplets found at the Go!/ restorative interface to interfere with the adhesion.

High bond strength

Go!’s high bond strength ensures the restoration will stay in place for many years to come.

Ultrafine nano fillers

Go! is 7% filled with specially treated hydrophilic and hydrophobic fillers that change from a water loving to a water repelling state after polymerization. This provides a surface with no water residue that is perfect for bonding to the restorative.


  • bonding of direct resin based restorations
  • bonding of indirect restorations with indicated resin cement
  • bonding composite to old amalgam
  • orthodontic brackets*****
  • repairing composite, porcelain and hybrid ceramic
  • restorations
  • sealing exposed root surfaces causing hypersensitivity
  • cavity sealing prior to placement of indirect restorations
  • treatment of hypersensitivity
  • desensitizing cervical areas
  • crown preparations

*SDI Test Data.

**University of Melbourne

***University of Adelaide, Dr. G. Knight.

****G-Bond is not the registered trademark of SDI Limited.

*****etching required

1. Clean and isolate tooth

2. Remove excess water. Preferably keep moist, but a dry surface is ok.

3. Apply Go! to saturate all internal surfaces and leave in place for 20 seconds.

4. Blow firmly with dry, oil free air for 5 seconds. Leave surface glossy.

5. Light cure for 10 seconds

6. Apply composite or compomer such as Ice according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Go! 5mL Bottle Kit

  • 1 x Go! 5mL bottle
  • 50 x Points disposable brush applicators
  • 1 x Mixing well


Go! Single Dose Kit

  • 50 x Go! 0.1mL Single Dose
  • 50 x Points disposable brush applicators
  • 1 x Single dose holder