SDI continues to innovate SDF solutions by releasing Riva Star Aqua, a next generation water-based silver fluoride solution that is also effective in arresting carious lesions as an SDF solution, with additional patient benefits.

Similar to Riva Star (SDF), Riva Star Aqua (AgF) is also a non-invasive 2 step patented system used to desensitise tooth pain in a few drops. Riva Star Aqua is an aqueous silver fluoride solution without the Ammonia base.

Clinical Match to SDF

Clinical studies have shown that Riva Star Aqua’s 38% Silver Fluoride (SF) is also an effective desensitiser  as Riva Star SDF solution containing 38% Silver Fluoride.1

Reduce Staining

Just like Riva Star, Riva Star Aqua includes a Potassium Iodide (KI) Step 2 solution, for significantly reducing unsightly black stains.

Improved Smell

The ammonia free solution tastes and smells better, leading to happier, more compliant patients.

Effective Biofilm Inhibitor

Studies support that Riva Star is an effective Biofilm inhibitor. Riva Star has a higher inhabitation zone against four bacterial species compared to sodium hypochlorite.2

Immediate Sensitivity Relief

The silver fluoride and potassium iodide in Riva Star Aqua blocks the microscopic tubules that make up dentine. A low-solubility precipitate is formed that gives instant relief.

Image shows the reaction of AgF and KI to AgI in the first 50 microns below the surface.

Image courtesy of Dr. Geoff Knight

Two Years Desensitising Effect

A clinical study supports the immediate effect after one application with Riva Star, desensitisation lasts for 2 years.3

No Tissue Burn Risk

Riva Star Aqua is water based and ammonia free. This reduces soft tissue irritation and eliminates odours while improving storage stability.

 No Gingival Barrier Required

With no ammonia present, Riva Star Aqua can be safely used without a gingival barrier as soft tissue irritation is significantly reduced. Treatment time is quicker and more comfortable on patients.

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1. Clean teeth with prophy paste and isolate area with cotton rolls.


2. Protect lips with petroleum jelly / cocoa butter.

3. Using silver brush, pierce foil on silver blue capsule. In circular motion, push foil to the edge of the opening.

4. Carefully apply solution from silver blue capsule to treatment site only.

5. Immediately, using green brush; pierce foil on green capsule. In circular motion, push foil to the edge of the opening.

6. Apply a generous amount of solution from green capsule to treatment site. Keep applying until creamy white solution turns clear.

7. Blot dry, remove all protective / isolation material.

CAUTION: The material could stain teeth if incorrectly used. Patient must be informed of this risk prior to its use.

Riva Star Aqua Bottle kit
  • 1 x 1.5mL Riva Star Aqua Bottle Step 1 (Blue label)
  • 1 x 3mL Riva Star Aqua Bottle Step 2 (Green label)


Riva Star Aqua Capsule kit
  • 10 x Riva Star Aqua Step 1 (Silver blue capsule)
  • 10 x Riva Star Aqua Step 2 (Green single dose)
  • Accessories







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Restoring Adult teeth in children

Here’s a great webinar on restoring adult teeth in children – When do you use a composite versus Glass Ionomer by Dr. Jarod Johnson.
Dr. Johnson has a private practice in Muscatine, Iowa. Dr. Johnson has received advanced training in behaviour management, sedation, hospital dentistry, trauma, special health care needs, interceptive orthodontics, space maintenance, oral hygiene and dietary counselling.
The objectives of this course is as follows,
1) Determine treatment options for permanent teeth impacted by caries or simple trauma
2) Choose the appropriate restorative material to achieve optimal outcomes in the developing dentition
3) Implement sectional matrices for Class II lesions in the posterior permanent dentition
4) Utilise Silver Diamine Flouride for minimally invasive dentistry and indirect pulp therapy

Silver Fluoride: A New Era of Caries Management