riva light cure / riva light cure HV


The multi awarded easy handling glass ionomer

Now with Easy Activation Capsule Technology

Easy Activation

The new Easy Activation capsules are now 70% easier to activate.
This saves you time and effort when preparing a restoration.

Drawing on 50 years of dental research experience, SDI’s ionglass™ filler was developed specially for Riva and is manufactured in Australia by our glass experts.

The ionglass™ technology mimics the natural tooth structure, guaranteeing restorations will withstand long term mastication forces and patients will be satisfied with the treatment.

Bioactive glass

Riva Light Cure contains ionglassTM filler,  made of a unique blend of different sizes of ultrafine highly reactive glass particles.

This bioactive proprietary hybrid glass enables long term restorations, being outstanding in handling, strength and aesthetics.

The ionglassTM filler contains fluoride and strontium ions
which synergistically enhance tooth bioremineralisation.
(Source: Thuy et al. Arch Oral Biol. 2008 Nov; 53(11):1017-22)

Superior biocompatibility ensures healthier teeth, the restoration will last longer and the patient will be more satisfied.

Riva Light Cure mimics teeth

Riva Light Cure ionglassTM biomimetic technology mimics dentine’s hydrophilic characteristic. It also mimics translucency and opacity of dentine and enamel, for a beautiful natural-looking restoration.

Riva Light Cure replaces dentine and bonds chemically to the tooth. No etching or adhesive is required, dramatically reducing the risk of sensitivity. A patient with a nice smile and no sensitivity has better quality of life.

Photos courtesy of Dr Geoff Knight – Australia

High flexural strength

Riva Light Cure with ionglassTM biomimetic technology ensures very high flexural strength, for long term restorations that will withstand mastication forces without cracking. The high flexural strength also makes Riva Light Cure the ideal material for minimally invasive treatments, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, class V restorations and as a base or liner.

High fluoride release

The extra strong matrix provides great fluoride release. This increases the chances that Riva Light Cure restorations will be free of caries, while having very low wear.

Research shows that Riva Light Cure has the highest cumulative fluoride release at 6 weeks. With Riva Light Cure, patients receive long term restorations every time, increasing their satisfaction with the treatment provided by the dentist.


Source: Al-Naimi OT, Lopes MB, McCabe JF, Prentice LH. Flexural Strength of Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer cements (RMGICs). Brisbane (Australia); June 2006.
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.


†Source: PANPISUT, P. and TONELUCK, A. Monomer conversion, dimensional stability, biaxial flexural strength, and fluoride release of resin-based restorative material containing alkaline fillers. DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL, 2020.
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

Exceptional handling

Riva Light Cure can be effortlessly placed and sculptured without sticking to your instruments. This outstanding restorative does not pluck, saving you time and maintaining placement integrity, especially when restoring upper teeth.

Riva Light Cure offers fantastic handling, perfect for quick placements in patients who require quick restorations, such as children, people with special needs or patients with back or neck problems.

Riva LC
Riva LC HV
Fuji II
Photac Fill

Source: Internal test data Nov 2020
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

Innovative light safe tip

The Riva Light Cure capsule has a transparent orange nozzle.
The orange tint protects the paste from prematurely curing under operating light in between placements. This innovation ensures you receive maximum placement control, while reducing waste.

Easier extrusion

Riva Light Cure is 70% easier to extrude. This minimises hand tremors and muscle stress, giving you more stability and control when placing restorations.

Photos courtesy of Dr Marcelo Alves & Dr Alvaro Junqueira – Brazil


†Source: Internal test data Nov 2020
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

“The Discipline of Paediatric Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry of USP has been transformed for the better after it introduced Riva products to its undergraduate clinic. The capsule tips and easy placement ability ensure that restorations are performed faster and with fewer errors.”

Dr Daniela P. Raggio, Associate Professor – University of Sao Paulo
Editor in Chief International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry (UK)

Best in class aesthetics

Optimal translucency

Riva Light Cure is formulated to give you the best aesthetic result. It provides high translucency and ideal optical properties. This chameleon effect effortlessly blends with surrounding tooth structure and dentine.

†Source: Published and SDI test data
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

Exceptional colour stability

Riva Light Cure has excellent resistance to common stains such as black tea and red wine. Riva Light Cure outperforms other solutions by 50%, ensuring your patients have brighter and natural, whiter smiles for longer.


†Source: Published and SDI test data
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

Photos courtesy of Dr Marcelo Alves & Dr Alvaro Junqueira – Brazil

“This product works so much better than other RMGIs I have used; it is so easy to place, flows well, sculpts and finishes beautifully.”

Evaluator comment – The Dental Advisor, USA 2020

A restorative with more indications

Class I
Class III
Class II
Class V
  •  Class I
  •  Class II (see technique guide)
  •  Class III
  •  Class V
  •  Cervical erosion
  •  Abfraction lesions
  •  Root surface restorations
  •  Core build up
  •  Deciduous teeth restorations
  •  Geriatric restorations
  •  Temporary fillings
  •  ART technique restorations
  •  Dentine replacement
  •  Sandwich technique restorations
  •  Molar Incisal hypomineralisation (MIH) (intermediate approach)
  •  Liner (regular viscosity only)
  •  Pit and fissure sealant (regular viscosity only)

Long term restorative

Riva Light Cure is the glass ionomer restorative that has restored the smiles of over 35 million people across 100 countries.

Using award winning patented ionglassTM technology, Riva Light Cure has earned its reputation through superior aesthetics, strength and handling. Riva Light Cure is the ideal long term glass ionomer solution.


“Being a light cured material, I had plenty of time to manipulate and contour.”

Evaluator comment – The Dental Advisor, USA 2020

Long term acid resistance

The ionglassTM technology stimulates the biomineralisation of dentine by over saturating the minerals in its organic matrix.
The result is the formation of fluorapatite crystals, which are more resistant to acid attacks than the natural tooth, benefiting patients during bacterial and acidic challenges.

The surface hardness of resin-reinforced glass ionomer cements means good long term wear resistance. The greater the surface hardness, the greater the resistance to permanent surface indentation.

Thomas Faidt et al. 2018. Effect of Fluoride Treatment on the Acid Resistance of Hydroxyapatite. Langmuir 34(50).


Source: SDI test data Nov 2020
*Not a registered trademark of SDI.

Download RIVA LIGHT CURE Instructions

Download RIVA LIGHT CURE HV Instructions

Download RIVA LIGHT CURE Instruction card and Class II Guide

1. Isolate tooth, prepare cavity.
Apply Riva Conditioner for 10 seconds, wash and remove excess water.

2. Wash thoroughly.

3. Remove excess water. Keep moist.

4. Activate the capsule and immediately mix in a triturator. Do not click before you mix.

Press capsule down to click. 10 seconds in a triturator.

5. Immediately place into capsule applicator and click trigger until paste is seen through the nozzle.

6. Extrude Riva Light Cure/HV in increments of no more than 2mm into cavity.

7. Light cure each increment for 20 seconds.

8. Final finishing under water spray can begin immediately after light curing.

^ For powder and liquid instructions, please refer to Instructions for Use


Riva Light Cure Capsules

  • 50 Riva Light Cure Capsules

8700001          A1

8700002         A2

8700003         A3

8700004         A3.5

8700005         A4

8700007         B2

8700008         B3

8700010         B4

8700012         C2

8700014         C4

8700016        Bleach


Riva Light Cure Capsule Assorted Kit

  • 10 each of A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B2 capsules



Riva Light Cure HV Capsules

  • 50 Riva Light Cure Capsules

8730001          A1

8730002          A2

8730003          A3

8730004          A3.5

8730006          B1


Powder and Liquid

Riva Light Cure Powder / Liquid Kits

  • 8g (7.2mL) Riva Light Cure Liquid bottle
  • 15g Riva Light Cure Powder bottle
  • Accessories

8700501         A1

8700502         A2

8700503         A3

8700504         A3.5


  • 3g (2.7mL) Riva Light Cure Liquid bottle
  • 5g Riva Light Cure Powder bottle
  • accessories

8700517         A2

8700518         A3



Riva Light Cure Powder Refills

  • 15g Riva Light Cure Powder refill

8700102         A2

8700103         A3



Riva Light Cure Liquid Refill

  • 8g (7.2mL) Riva Light Cure
  • Liquid bottle




Riva Conditioner

  • 10mL bottle refill




Riva Applicator


Riva Applicator 2