Lowest viscosity, deepest penetration

Clinically proven

Conseal pit and fissure sealants are clinically proven. 5,363 Conseal sealants placed in 774 children found no failures due to the material and established that ”sealants contribute significantly to dental public health”.(2)

Bio compatible

Conseal f’s low water solubility minimizes breakdown of the sealant in the oral environment.

Deepest penetration

Conseal f is available in direct placement syringes and single dose complets. Both have pre-bent, superfine dispensing tips which facilitate controlled, direct extrusion for faster procedures and allow direct dispensing into previously difficult to reach areas.The Conseal f nozzle, one third the size of other brands, enhances complete sealing and retention by allowing penetration into the deepest pits and fissures; crevasses that will not admit the dispensing tips of other materials.

Low viscosity Super Etch LV

SDI has created a specialized blue gel 37% phosphoric acid etchant for sealants, in a direct delivery system. Super Etch LV’s lower viscosity improves the acid’s surface contact for deeper etchant penetration into the pits and fissures. The deeper acid penetration strengthens the mechanical bond and the retention success of Conseal f sealants.

Lowest viscosity

Conseal f is the lowest viscosity sealant. The ideal low viscosity allows Conseal f to flow faster and deeper into the prepared pits and fissures. A recognized cause of pit and fissure sealant failure is an inability to seal. The tighter seal optimizes Conseal f’s mechanical retention and eliminates the space required for bacteria to grow.

Conseal f’s tight seal is further enhanced by its unique UDMA resin system’s lower shrinkage and by being BIS-GMA free, avoiding the controversy of Bisphenol A.

Releases fluoride

Conseal f combines the proven SDI sealant technology with an intensive initial fluoride boost in conjunction with long term fluoride treatment. The unique Conseal f filler component, with its blend of particles and high surface-to-area volume ratios, enables high fluoride release. Fluoride enhances caries prevention, remineralization, and the inhibition of enamel demineralization.

Tip size comparison**

Conseal f’s syringe and complet tip diameter opening is only 0.41mm; significantly smaller than the alternatives of 1.5mm or 1.3mm.

Conseal f syringe and complet 27 gauge tip

Before treatment

Etching with Super Etch LV

Conseal f application

After treatment

Photos courtesy of Dr Mitsuru Sonoda, D.D.S Hokkaido, Japan

Contains filler

Conseal f is 7% filled with a submicron filler size of 0.04 microns to withstand surface wear.

Hygienic placement

The Conseal f complets offer a direct and hygienic way of dispensing the sealant, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Range of colors

Conseal f is available in opaque white. Conseal is available in clear and light grey.

(1) Chryss A (1998), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Rheology and Materials Processing Centre.

(2) Messer LB, Calach H, Morgan MV (1997). The retention of pit and fissure sealants placed in primary school children by Dental Health Services, Victoria. Australian Dental Journal 42:(4);223-239.

* Delton Plus and Helioseal F are not the registered trademarks of SDI Limited.

** Source-Published and SDI test data.

1. Clean and isolate the tooth.

2. Etch tooth surface with Super Etch LV for at least 30 seconds, no more than 60 seconds.

3. Wash thoroughly with water.

4. Completely dry tooth.
Note: a dry field is essential for the following steps.

5. Directly inject or brush apply Conseal f pit and fissure sealant

6. Light cure Conseal f for 20 seconds.

CAUTION: Ensure the dispensing tip hub is firmly attached to the Super Etch and Conseal f syringe by twisting the hub securely onto the syringe.

Conseal f syringe kit

  • 3 x 1g (0.91mL) Conseal f syringes
  • 1 x 2.5g (2mL) Super Etch syringe
  • 20 single use disposable tips



Conseal f bulk syringe kit

  • 10 x 1g (0.91mL) Conseal f syringes
  • 40 single use disposable tips



Disposable tips for Conseal f and Super Etch LV syringes

  • 20 single use disposable tips


Conseal f bottle kit

  • 2 x 5.5g (5mL) Conseal f bottles
  • 2 x 2.5g (2mL) Super etch syringes accessories



Conseal f bottle refill

  • 5.5g (5mL) Conseal f bottle


Conseal bottle refill (light grey)

  • 5.5g (5mL) light grey conseal sealant