Pola Rapid is the new in office whitening treatment that safely whitens teeth in a 45 minute application time.

A unique 6% hydrogen peroxide formulation that releases active ingredients immediately.


1. Whitening of discoloured vital teeth.

2. Whitening of discoloured non-vital teeth.

Superior handling and
fast removal

Pola Rapid’s higher viscosity gel enables faster application and removal due to its specially formulated non-stick attributes. Pola Rapid can be extruded quickly and easily and remains on teeth when applied.

Enhanced blue gel for faster application

Pola Rapid uses an advanced blue gel for ease of visibility and application. The easy to apply, non-stick gel enables faster application and removal.

Simple delivery and precise application

No mixing is required. The dual barrel syringe system mixes as the gel is applied directly to the tooth. The supplied brush tip helps deliver a smoother and more precise application.

Simple Procedure

No soft tissue isolation. With simple tooth preparation and quick contact time per application, it reduces chair time and improves productivity.

Built in desensitisers

Pola Rapid has unique built-in desensitising properties that inhibit post-operative sensitivity. Potassium nitrate, the key pain reducing ingredient, prevents sensitivity to provide a calming effect. The high water content of Pola Rapid ensures maximum comfort during and after treatment.

Fluoride releasing to strengthen teeth

Pola Rapid contains fluoride, helping to strengthen teeth and protect against sensitivity.

Can be used with or without a bleaching light

Pola Rapid can be used with or without a bleaching light, as it does not require heat to activate.

Pola Rapid 6% 1 Patient Kit

  • 1 x 2.8 mL syringe of Pola Rapid
  • Accessories


Pola Rapid 6% 3 Patient Kit

  • 3 x 2.8 mL syringes of Pola Rapid
  • Accessories 



Pola Cheek retractor

  • Pola retractors (Blue) 5 Pk