The glass ionomer restorative with true esthetics

Great translucency

*all shades A2

Combination of GIC advantages and composite advantages

Riva Light Cure is a light-cured, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative cement. Glass ionomers release fluoride and chemically bond to the tooth structure whilst composites have excellent aesthetics. Riva Light Cure is a combination of both with excellent aesthetics, fluoride release and chemically bonds to the tooth structure.

Great marginal adaptation

Riva Light Cure is the answer to long term microleakage prevention. Use it as a restorative or a base under permanent restorations. “….light-cured and self-cured glass ionomer bases were more effective in reducing microleakage in both the occlusal and proximal cavo surfaces than a flowable resin.“ (1)

Exceptional handling

Riva Light Cure HV can be manipulated immediately after mixing. It is a very sculptable material. It does not stick to instruments and resists any initial threading traditionally found with a light cured GIC. Riva Light Cure HV does not lift off after placement, particularly in the maxillary position.

Bioactive proprietary ionglass™ technology

Riva Light Cure utilises SDI’s proprietary ionglass™ filler developed by our glass technologists. ionglass™ is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, bioactive glass used in SDI’s range of glass ionomer products. Riva Light Cure releases fluoride to assist with remineralisation of the natural dentition.

RIVA light cure

Flowable Composite

Fabulous esthetics

Having many shades available, Riva Light Cure enables natural looking restorations with chameleon effects.

Riva Light Cure shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C2, C4 and bleach. Riva Light Cure HV shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1.

Long term wear resistance

The surface hardness of resin-reinforced glass ionomer cements means good long-term wear resistance. The greater the surface hardness, the greater the resistance to permanent surface indentation.

Highest colour stability

Riva Light Cure has excellent resistance to common stains such as black tea and red wine. Riva Light Cure absorbs about half as much color from these tannin-rich solutions.

High flexural strength

High flexural strength ensures reduced cracking and failure in flexion. Riva Light Cure has excellent flexural strength.

Simple procedure

Riva Light Cure is quick and simple to place. No bonding procedure is required.
It chemically bonds to the tooth and provides ion exchange to demineralised dentition.

BPA free

Riva Light Cure does not contain any Bisphenol A (BPA) or its
derivatives.  Use this product with confidence and peace of mind.

Orange light safe tip

Riva Light Cure’s capsule has a transparent orange nozzle. This protects the paste from curing under operating light in between placement.

(1) McCabe JF, Al-Naimi OT. Fluoride release of three Riva GI Products Compared with that of a competitor product. University of Newcastle (UK); July 2007.

(2) Duong T, Tran L, Perry R, Kugel G (2007). Microleakage testing in vitro using three different bases under composites. Special Issue of the Journal of Dental Research. Abstract #0366.

(3) Al-Naimi OT, Lopes MB, McCabe JF, Prentice LH. Flexural Strength of Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer cements (RMGICs)

^Riva Light Cure HV (High Viscosity)

* GC Fuji II LC is the trademark of GC Corporation not of SDI Limited.
Photac™ Fil Quick, Photac™ Fil Quick Aplicap™ and Ketac™ Nana are the trademarks of 3M or 3M ESPE AG not of SDI Limited.

** Published and SDI Test Data.

1. Isolate tooth, prepare cavity. Apply Riva Conditioner for 10 seconds.

2. Wash thoroughly.

3. Remove excess water. Keep moist.

4. Activate the capsule and immediately mix in an amalgamator.
Important: Do not click with applicator before you mix.

5. Immediately place into capsule applicator and click trigger until paste is seen through the nozzle.

6. Extrude Riva Light Cure in increments of no more than 2mm into cavity and contour.

7. Light cure each increment for 20 seconds.

8. Final finishing under water spray can begin immediately after light curing.

Riva Light Cure Capsules

  • 50 Riva Light Cure Capsules

8700001 A1

8700002 A2

8700003 A3

8700004 A3.5

8700005 A4

8700007 B2

8700008 B3

8700010 B4

8700012 C2

8700014 C4

8700016 Bleach


Riva Light Cure Capsule Assorted Kit

  • 10 each of A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B2 capsules



Riva Light Cure Powder / Liquid Kits

  • 7.2mL (8g) Riva Light Cure Liquid bottle
  • 15g Riva Light Cure Powder jar
  • accessories

8700501 A1

8700502 A2

8700503 A3

8700504 A3.5

8700505 A4

8700507 B2

8700508 B3

8700510 B4

8700512 C2

8700514 C4

8700516 Bleach


  • 2.7mL (3g) Riva Light Cure Liquid bottle
  • 5g Riva Light Cure Powder jar
  • accessories

8700517 A2

8700518 A3

8700519 A3.5


Riva Light Cure HV Capsules

  • 50 Riva Light Cure Capsules

8730001 A1

8730002 A2

8730003 A3

8730004 A3.5

8730006 B1


Riva Conditioner 10mL bottle refill



Riva Light Cure Liquid Refill

  • 7.2mL (8g) Riva Light Cure Liquid bottle



Riva Light Cure Powder Refills

  • 15g Riva Light Cure Powder Refill

8700101 A1

8700102 A2

8700103 A3

8700104 A3.5

8700105 A4

8700107 B2

8700108 B3

8700110 B4

8700112 C2

8700114 C4

8700116 Bleach

Riva Applicator 2


Riva Applicator