• 150% faster treatment time
  • Easier application
  • Built in desensitisers

150% Faster In-Chair Whitening*


Image source: Dr Miles Cone, USA.

Pola Rapid is the new in office whitening treatment that safely whitens teeth in a 24 minute application time – significantly faster than other alternative whitening options.

Faster In-Chair Whitening – Application Time

*Data source: Manufacturer instructions for use. Not registered trademarks of SDI Limited.

Superior Handling And Fast Removal

Pola Rapid’s higher viscosity gel enables faster application and removal due to its specially formulated non-stick attributes. Pola Rapid can be extruded quickly and easily, and remains on teeth when applied.

Minimal Chair Time with Immediate Results

A unique 38% hydrogen peroxide formulation that releases active ingredients immediately. In only one visit, Pola Rapid initiates a powerful whitening treatment designed to whiten teeth in 24 minutes. No pre-desensitiser step is required.

Simple Delivery and Precise Application

No mixing is required. The dual barrel syringe  system mixes as the gel is applied directly onto the tooth.

The supplied brush tip helps deliver a smoother and more precise application.

Enhanced Blue Gel For Faster Application

Pola Rapid uses an advanced blue gel for ease of visibility and application. The easy to apply, non-stick gel enables faster application and removal.

Image source: Dr Miles Cone, USA.

Built In Desensitisers

Pola Rapid has unique built-in desensitising properties that inhibit post-operative sensitivity. Potassium nitrate, the key pain reducing ingredient, prevents sensitivity to provide a calming effect. The high water content of Pola Rapid ensures maximum comfort during and after treatment. The shorter treatment time results in less patient discomfort and lower sensitivity.

“ 100% of evaluators stated that patients did not experience any tooth sensitivity”

Source: Data based on clinical evaluations.

Fluoride releasing to strengthen teeth

Pola Rapid contains fluoride, helping to strengthen teeth and protect against sensitivity.

Can be used with or without a bleaching light

Pola Rapid can be used with or without a bleaching light, as it does not require heat to activate.

Dr. Sam Koh

BDSc Melb (Hons) Melbourne, Australia

Pola Rapid 38%

“I find Pola Rapid a beautiful, easy-to-use product. It is simple to apply and remove with its non-stick and enhanced blue gel formula. A great product to use by clinicians for in-chair whitening with minimal chair time and patient sensitivity, but reliable and immediate results.”


Pola Rapid 1 Patient Kit

  • 1 x 2.8 mL syringe of Pola Rapid
  • 1 x 1g Gingival Barrier syringe
  • Accessories 

7700516 (with Optragate)

7700517 (no Optragate)

Pola Rapid 3 Patient Kit

  • 3 x 2.8 mL syringes of Pola Rapid
  • 3 x 1g Gingival Barrier syringes
  • Accessories 

7700518 (with Optragate)

7700519 (no Optragate)


Pola Mixing Nozzle / Caps with brush tip applicator 10 pack


Pola Rapid step by step instructions

Pola Rapid 38% – Step by step instructions

Dr. Miles Cone – USA
In this video Dr. Miles Cone shows the step by step instructions to apply Pola Rapid 38% HP.

Bleaching Bonanza Jan 28, 2021

Dr. Miles Cone – USA

In this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Cone presents the most up-to-date materials, procedures, and protocols, dispel the myths, and reveal many outside-the-box marketing strategies that exists for the contemporary dental practice. Dr. Cone specifically talks about Pola Rapid and takes the audience through two great case studies.

Whitening For Your Aesthetic Practice

Dr. Susan McMahon – USA

Tooth whitening continues to be the number one cosmetic procedure requested by patients of all ages. Americans are spending over 1.4 billion annually on OTC tooth whitening products. Professional tooth whitening is safe, effective, desired by our patients and the most conservative cosmetic treatment we can offer. In this 1-hour video with Dr. Susan McMahon, learn how to give your patients the selfie ready smiles they desire. Dr. McMahon specifically talks about Pola Rapid and takes the audience through a great case study and also mentions Pola Light.

Tooth Whitening Part 1

Dr. Miles Cone – USA

With the move toward minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatments and the ever-expanding variety of tooth whitening products on the market today, external bleaching options are now able to afford the clinician with a predictable, safe, and effective means to lighten and brighten a patient’s natural dentition. Many of these products, such as low concentration carbamide peroxide, have additional revenue generating potential as an oral hygiene adjunct which can greatly assist many patients who are not necessarily interested in aesthetic enhancement. In part 1 of this 2-part series, Dr. Miles Cone will outline the most up-to-date bleaching materials, procedures, protocols, and dispel the myths that exist for the contemporary dental practice.

Bleaching Bonanza: The Methods, Materials, and Marketing of Tooth Whitening

In this Dental podcast: Dr. Phil Klein is joined by an expert in the field, Dr. Miles Cone. Dr. Cone will be talking about Bleaching Teeth; and as the title states, he will be addressing methods, materials and marketing of tooth whitening procedures. Dr Cone is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and completed a three-year Prosthodontic residency program while serving in the United States Army before being honorably discharged as a field grade officer in the rank of Major. Miles is one of only two prosthodontists in the entirety of New England to have obtained additional qualifications as a Certified Dental Technician.

Whitening Part 1

In-office to Take Home & All Specialties

Dr. Miles Cone – USA

Historically, Dentistry has focused on tooth bleaching primarily for cosmetic purposes. However, there are several different areas that the role of bleaching plays across various dental specialties to achieve enhanced aesthetic and functional clinical outcomes.

This 1 hour video will broaden the clinician’s view on the various roles of bleaching and outline a foundational approach to incorporating them in practice.

Learning Topics

  • Identify the most common etiological causes of tooth discoloration and the treatment options available to patients for treatment with these conditions
  • Review the factors which contribute to the efficacy and predictability of the various in-office tooth whitening protocols in the treatment of discolored natural dentition
  • Demonstrate the utility of bleach across dental specialties from Oral Surgery and Endodontics to Periodontics and Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Establish evidence-based protocols utilizing various materials and methods for in-office tooth bleaching strategies to improve successful aesthetic and hygiene outcomes for existing patient base

Tooth Whitening Part 2

Dr. Miles Cone – USA

In this 1-hour video, Dr. Miles Cone shows you the ways in which take-home trays can be leveraged as an auxiliary treatment to in-office bleaching either for enhanced aesthetic whitening or hygiene maintenance will be covered.

This presentation will dispel the myths and reveal many low-cost and out-of-the-box marketing strategies that exist for contemporary dental practices to effectively utilize take-home bleaching prior to placing direct and indirect restorations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Establish evidence-based protocols utilizing various materials and methods for take-home tooth bleaching strategies to improve successful aesthetic dental outcomes and improved oral hygiene for an existing patient base
  2. Investigate many of the widely held dogmas and myths surrounding current tooth bleaching techniques and clinical recommendations
  3. Demonstrate the utility of bleach as an adjunct to aligner therapy
  4. Review challenging restorative cases and the benefits that whitening provides