SDI Polishing Paste imparts a mirror like appearance to composites, compomers, amalgams, porcelain, ceramic and gold restorations. The agglomerated primary crystal aluminum oxide particles create a smooth, luminous finish to restoration surfaces.

  • Fine polishing particles improve the restoration’s lustre for realistic results
  • Enhances the esthetic finish of all composite and compomer restorations
  • Imparts a life like gloss without anatomical reduction
  • Removes the rubber debris from any rubber polishing instruments
  • The polished resin’s lustre improves wear resistance and the restoration’s longevity
  • Peppermint flavored palatable taste for patient comfort
  • Ideal for hygienists’ routine care and re-polishing of composite restorations
  • Ideal for interproximal use with floss to polish without adversely affecting contact points
  • Easy to apply and use for consistent results
  • Efficiently and rapidly polishes, minimizing chair time
  • Washes off with no residue


  • Composite restorations
  • Amalgam restorations
  • Compomer restorations
  • Porcelain, ceramic and gold finishing

1. Etch tooth surface with Super Etch 37% phosphoric acid for 20 seconds.

2. Wash thoroughly with water.

3. Remove excess water. Keep moist.

4. Apply Stae dentin/enamel adhesive to saturate all internal surfaces, or bonding agent, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Blow gently with dry, oil free air for 2 seconds to evaporate solvent. Leave surface glossy.

6. Light cure for 20 seconds.

7. Place Glacier nonstick hybrid composite or place Wave fluoride releasing flowable composite in anterior / posterior restoration.

8. Cure for 20 seconds in increments of 2mm.

9. If required, utilize polishing instruments to trim and contour the restoration’s surface.

10. Apply the SDI polishing paste to a rubber cup or disc. From the rubber cup or disc, smear a thin layer of the paste onto the restoration.

11. Add a small amount of water to both the tooth and cup or disc. Polish for 30 seconds at low speed and light pressure. SDI Polishing Paste may be used interproximally with floss.

12. Wash and dry.

Polishing Paste Syringe

  • 4g Polishing Paste syringe