High speed multi-use triturator

  • Safety feature
  • Consistent accurate trituration
  • Practical
  • Multi-use mixer
  • High energy output
  • Low energy usage
  • 5 year warranty
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet low vibration
  • Dual voltage

5 Years Warranty

The Ultramat 2’s robust and reliable construction assures your purchase is a long lasting investment.

Dual Voltage

The Ultramat 2 operates on voltages between 120 and 240v, 50 and 60Hz, for compatibility with multiple power voltages and frequencies.


Consistent and accurate trituration

The Ultramat 2 features a 0-16 second microprocessor-crystal controlled oscillator timer.

Multi-use mixer

The multi-use Ultramat 2 is suitable for all types of encapsulated dental materials.

Quiet low vibration

The Ultramat 2 is the quietest, low vibration mixer.

Safety feature

The micro-switch automatically halts trituration when the lid of the Ultramat 2 is lifted.

Simple to use

The touch control system of the Ultramat 2 is quick and simple to operate.

High energy output

The high energy Ultramat 2 has a mixing frequency of 4600 oscillations per minute +/-1%.


The one surface cover facilitates infection control cleaning and the non-porous plastic surface can be cleaned with any dental disinfectant.

Low energy usage

The Ultramat 2 has economical low energy usage.

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Ultramat 2 (USA – includes power cord for USA)



Ultramat 2 (All countries – includes power cord for region product is shipped to)