Superior Strength, Superior Aesthetics

Nanohybrid technology
Filler particle size effects the aesthetic and mechanical properties of composites1. Luna contains a hybrid of nano and micron sized particles to achieve optimal aesthetics and strength.

Nano particles assist in polishability and the maintenance of surface smoothness over time. Micron sized particles contribute to strength and durability. Luna’s hybrid filler makes it ideal for anterior and posterior restorations.

Luna-particle size distribution

Chameleon effect

Luna displays a chameleon effect, enabling it to take on the shade of the tooth surrounding it and present a seamless margin between tooth and restoration. Luna has an optimal translucency that allows the creation of natural looking restorations.

Natural fluorescence and opalescence

When exposed to ultraviolet light, Luna displays the fluorescent characteristics of natural tooth structure. Opalescent properties also match that of a natural tooth. In all types of light, restorations using Luna display intrinsic brilliance that ensures patient satisfaction after they leave the dental chair.

High Flexural Strength

High flexural strength is paramount to mitigate tension and compressive forces teeth are exposed to in stress bearing situations1. Class I and Class II restorations are subject to high forces and require the use of materials with high flexural strength. With flexural strength of 136 MPa, Luna is ideal for use in stress bearing areas and is designed to withstand the forces of mastication.


Samples prepared according to ISO 4049

Superior Compressive Strength

Luna has a filler load of 77% by weight. Strontium glass filler in combination with the carefully selected filler loading, delivers high compressive strength to enhance the longevity of restorations.


Optimal Radiopacity

Restorative materials with radiopacity enable the detection of voids and secondary caries throughout the life of a restoration2. Luna has a radiopacity level higher than dentine3, ensuring clear visibility of restoration margins on radiographs for quick and confident diagnosis.

Non-stick to instruments

Luna’s non-stick handling facilitates the placement of restorations. Luna will not slump or pull back, enabling the efficient creation of optimal dental morphology.
Luna has a creamy consistency, with firm packing, making it easy to layer the composite without voids.

Extensive shade range

Luna is available in 13 universal shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D2, D3).

Luna is also available in specialty shades:

  • Dentine shades (OA2, OA3, OA3.5)
  • Bleach shade
  • Extra Bleach Shade
  • Incisal shade

SDI internal data

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Luna 5 Syringe Intro Kit

  • 5 x 4g Syringes  (1 each – A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1)
  • 2 x 2mL Super Etch Gel Syringes
  • 25 x Super Etch Disposable Tips
  • 1 x 5mL Stae Single Component Dentine/enamel adhesive
  • 1 x LUNA shade guide
  • 40 x Points, fine tip (white)
  • 2 x mixing well – dual





Luna Syringe 4g Refills

A1 8401081

A2 8401082

A3 8401083

A3.5 8401084

A4 8401085

B1 8401086

B2 8401087

B3 8401088

C1 8401089

C2 8401090

C3 8401091

D2 8401092

D3 8401093

OA2 8401097

OA3 8401098

OA3.5 8401099

I 8401096

B 8401095

XB 8401080

Luna Complet Refills (0.25g x 20 refills; 5g total)

A1 8451081

A2 8451082

A3 8451083

A3.5 8451084

A4 8451085

B1 8451086

B2 8451087

B3 8451088

C1 8451089

C2 8451090

C3 8451091

D2 8451092

D3 8451093

OA2 8451097

OA3 8451098

OA3.5 8451099

I 8451096

B 8451095

XB 8451080





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