Not just a powerful LED curing light

Curing? Whitening? Transilluminating? The Radii Plus does it all. The amazing transformation takes place with a simple pull and click of the LED attachment. It’s unique, easy to upgrade design, provides unlimited potential making it the best investment you will ever make!

High intensity – 1,500mW/cm2

The higher the intensity, the more the light penetrates to efficiently cure the restorative.

Simple to replace parts

Designed with snap-in or screw in connections, each part of the Radii Plus including the battery is easy to remove and replace.


The Radii Plus is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control.

No noisy fan

Unlike other LED lights, the Radii Plus does not require a fan. It uses heat sink technology to reduce the amount of heat emission.

Infection control

Perfectly fitted disposable barrier sleeves prevent cross contamination.


The Radii Plus does not need to be constantly recharged. Its can be used for 1200 ten second cures with just  one charge.

Built in radiometer

The Radii Plus’ built-in radiometer provides a simple test to ensure the functionality of the light.

Slimline design

The small tip and slimline design of the Radii Plus allows users to have easy access to the posterior area. This is particularly beneficial when treating children.

Rotatable head

The head of the Radii Plus can be easily turned 360º to what ever position required. Upper quadrants are simple to access.

Lightweight  – 177g/6.2oz

The standard Radii Plus’ ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes user fatigue and maximizes comfort.


Ramp mode (soft start)*

You have a choice. The Radii Plus is initially set up without a ramp. When the ramp mode is selected, the Radii Plus’ light output power gradually increases during the first 5 seconds. This minimises polymerization stress in the restoration. To switch between modes, hold down the on/off button until audio beeps are heard. A blue light comes on when the ramp mode is activated.


Pulse technology

Using a combination of pulse technology and steady current, the Radii Plus can achieve a higher light output without generating excess heat.

5 year warranty**

The Radii Plus’ robust and reliable construction assures your investment is long lasting. The standard Radii Plus unit has a 5 year warranty. The battery section has a 2 year warranty.


Depth of cure

Radii Plus’ up to 6mm depth of cure enables more complete curing of the restoration. This ensures interfacial adaptation and longevity of the restoration.


Efficient energy use 

The light emitted by the Radii Plus corresponds to the maximum absorbance of camphorquinone ensuring efficient curing of most light cured dental materials.


Optional tacking tip

Autoclavable tacking tips (1mm and 2mm openings) are available for veneer procedures. Simply place over the lens cap.


* Not applicable to orthodontic LED attachment

** Please refer to the chart for the warranty of optional LED attachments.



The single tooth and full arch bleaching LED attachments are designed for use as an adjunct to in-office tooth whitening systems such as Pola Office+.


No UV emissions

Unlike many other bleaching lights on the market, the Radii Plus Bleaching LED attachments do not emit any harmful ultraviolet light.


Unlimited number of uses

Whilst some other companies require the purchase of a special in-office whitening system for use with their light, the Radii Plus is suitable for use with most whitening products.

Lightweight, cordless  and compact

When the assembled unit is attached to the bleaching stand you can move it around and position where needed with ease. The entire unit can be safely put away in your cupboard.

(Actual colour may vary)


Safe heat emissions

Some bleaching lights on the market emit high temperatures that may cause pulpal necrosis. The Bleach Arch LED attachment emits a safe temperature of 98.76°F ± 3.5°F (37ºC ± 2ºC) and the single tooth bleaching attachment will heat to 113°F ± 3.5°F (45ºC ± 2ºC).

The diagnostic LED attachment lights up
those hard to see clinical problems that traditional examination procedures can not. It employs a non-invasive technique and is a must have for all dental professionals.


Early detection
The Radii Plus diagnostic LED attachment emits a safe white light which passes through tooth structure. A healthy tooth has an index of light transmission greater than that of decay or calculus. The diagnostic attachment is a great tool to assist you with early caries management.


The Radii Plus diagnostic LED attachment is ideal for patients who are not suitable for radiographs.


Adjustable brightness
Depending on your requirements,  brightness of the light can be altered from high to low by holding down the on/off button.


Optional diagnostic adapter tip
Should a finer beam of light be required to illuminate sites where access is difficult,  an adapter tip is also available. Simply replace the lens cap with this adapter.

Easily identify:

  • Cracked tooth syndrome
  • Depth of a subgingival fracture
  • Subgingival calculus
  • Interproximal decay
  • Caries, where the radiographic image is questionable
  • Caries removal within a new preparation
  • Hidden root canal openings
  • Non-vital teeth
  • Leaking restorations
  • Root tips in surgical extractions



Photos courtesy of Dr John Comisi DDS, NY, USA
LED attachment type Indications Program Wave length Warranty

Contra angle standard LED attachment (comes standard in kit)

  • Light curing at contra angle similar to a hand piece
  • Run time: 1 minute
  • Beeps every 10 seconds
440~480nm 3 years

Right angle standard LED attachment

  • Light curing at right angle
  • Run time: 1 minute
  • Beeps every 10 seconds
440~480nm 3 years

Right angle standard LED attachment

  • Light curing specifically for orthodontic use
  • Run time: 5 minutes
  • Beeps every 10 seconds
440~480nm 3 years

Diagnostic LED attachment

  • Detection of cracks, fractures, calculus, decay, caries, root canal openings, non-vital teeth, leaking restorations and root tips
  • Run time: 5 minutes
400~750nm 3 years

Full arch bleaching LED attachment

  • In-office whitening of upper and lower arch
  • Vital and non-vital whitening procedures
  • Run time: 8 minutes
  • Beeps every minute
440~480nm 2 years

Single tooth bleaching LED attachment

  • In-office whitening of one tooth at a time
  • Vital and non-vital whitening procedures.
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Beeps every 30 seconds
440~480nm 3 years
Radii Plus LED curing light

  • 1 x handpeice
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x multi-region plug pack
  • 100 x barrier sleeves
  • 3 x lens caps
  • 5 x light shields



LED Attachments:

Full Arch Bleaching LED attachment kit (inc. control section) (for use on Radii Plus units with serial numbers below 3-34900)

  • Full Arch Bleaching LED attachment
  • 1 x control section
  • 2 x light shields
  • 50 x barrier sleeves



Full Arch Bleaching LED attachment kit
(for use on Radii Plus units with serial numbers above 3-34900)

  • Full Arch Bleaching LED attachment
  • 2 x light shields
  • 50 x barrier sleeves



Diagnostic LED Attachment
(for use on Radii Plus units with serial numbers above 3-21745)


5600259 Orthodontic (Ortho) LED attachment

5600260 Right angle standard LED attachment

5600276 Contra angle standard LED attachment


Accessories and replacement parts:

5600054 Radii Plus replacement lens caps (25 pack)

5600055 Radii Plus barrier sleeves (1000 pack)

5600056 Radii Plus light shield (5 pack)

5600062 Radii Plus replacement battery pack

5600261 Radii Plus control section

5600065 Radii Plus charger and plug pack

5600093 Bleach arch barrier sleeves (50 pack)

5600078 Diagnostic Adapter Tip

5600079 Tacking Tips set (1mm and 2mm openings)