Superior Strength & Aesthetics

Luna 2 is the next generation Luna universal composite. Luna 2 has an improved unique blend of fillers that were researched and developed at SDI to deliver the enhanced  handling, very high radiopacity and reliable mechanical properties. Luna 2 is BPA free for health-conscious patients. Luna 2 makes placing a composite easier than ever.

Watch a video with clinical use of Luna 2 and Luna Flow

 Video courtesy of Dr Renato Voss – Brazil

“SDI products make daily practice faster and more profitable, allowing dentists to save working time and obtain great results. SDI composites have excellent handling, fantastic finish and natural shine.” 

  Prof Dr Marco Aurelio Chaves – Brazil

Images courtesy of Prof Dr Marco Aurélio Chaves da Silva – Brazil

“Luna 2 ticks all the boxes for me.
It’s easy to handle, it blends seamlessly and polishes to a nice shine.”

 Dr Bill Gergis – Australia

“For a new product to be accepted and incorporated into the dental practice, it must solve a problem (like simplifying shade selection) and be user friendly.  You have a winner in Luna 2!”

 Dr Fay Goldstep – Canada.

Faster, More Accurate Shade Matching

Luna 2 offers the innovative Logical Shade Matching Technology and Chameleon Effect for easier and precise shade selection. Shades were developed prioritising value (lightness), while pigments are arranged in a logically increasing way, for a simpler and faster match to the Vita Classical Shade Guide®. Patients will enjoy more accurate aesthetic results, including polishing and wear resistance for long lasting restorations.

Translucency in different thicknesses of Luna 2 shade A2

 Images courtesy of Dr Jiovanne Neri – Brazil

 Images courtesy of Dr Neus Sancho Lecina – Spain


LUNA 2 is a great simplified and aesthetic approach to both anterior and posterior restorations.” 

 Dr Sam Koh – Australia

“Luna 2 is certainly the material that I want in my clinical routine and recommend to my students.” 

 Prof Dr Cristiane de Melo Alencar – Brazil

“LUNA 2 is spectacular!”

 Dr Giuseppe Iacona – Italy

Indirect onlay with Luna 2. Images courtesy of Dr Giuseppe Lacona – Italy


“LUNA 2 is an extremely versatile composite, with excellent viscosity that ensures efficient handling and success in primary anatomy.” 

 Prof Dr Leonardo Ubaldo – Brazil

“I like Luna 2 ease of handle and adaptability to the walls and cavity floor. Shades match perfectly and blend nicely. Polishing is quickly achieved. Luna 2 can be used in anterior and posterior areas, so it is a great option for clinicians.”

 Dr Teo Vaca – Spain

High Compressive Strength
360 MPa

Most mastication forces are compressive in nature, making this an important mechanical property for posterior restorations to support the occlusal load without fracturing.

High Flexural
Strength 130 MPa

Luna 2 withstands masticatory forces in a similar way to dentine. This reduces failure risk either in areas of high stress, as Class V, or in less supported areas, such as cusp replacement or proximal boxes.

Natural Tooth-Like Properties Across All Light

Luna 2 technology mimics the natural properties of teeth across all light sources. Your patients will enjoy lifelike translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence, with outstanding clinical performance.

Perfect Creamy Handling

Luna 2’s handling has been further improved. Luna 2 has non-stick, non-slump handling. Dentists conducting clinical trials of Luna 2 have praised its outstanding handling and ease of packing and sculpting.

Radiopacity 250% AL

With dentine/enamel at 100/170% Al radiopacity, Luna 2’s outstanding radiopacity allows clear differentiation, providing easy and precise visualisation for diagnosis assistance.

Polishing for Perfection

The Luna Flow filler formulation is primed for excellent polishing results, wear resistance and longevity.

SEM Before finishing and polishing

SEM After finishing and polishing

SOURCE: Independently tested by Unité de Recherches Biomatériaux Innovants et Interfaces (URB2i-EA 4462 Paris Descartes).

Chairman: Dr Jean-Pierre ATTAL

BPA Free

Luna 2 is formulated without BPA derivatives, perfect for health-conscious patients.

Luna 2 Curing Time

40 sec – opaque shade

20 sec – remaining shades

Luna 2 Depth of Cure


“Handling is fantastic – much improved. It is SDI’s best handling composite yet.”

 Dr Michael Chan – Australia

Images courtesy of Dr Michael Chan – Australia

  Download LUNA 2 Instructions For Use

Download Composite warmers & SDI Complets

1. Etch tooth surface with Super Etch 37% phosphoric acid for 10 seconds

2. Wash thoroughly, remove excess water and keep moist.

3. Apply Zipbond Universal Adhesive (SDI Limited) according to instructions, blow gently for 5 seconds and light cure for 10 seconds

4. Place Luna 2 in increments of 2 mm or less. Cure each layer for 40 seconds (opaque) or for 20 seconds (remaining shades). Finish and polish with Polishing Paste (SDI Limited)

Luna 2 Intro Kit with 5 syringes & Zipbond Universal

  • 5 x 4g Syringes (1 each – A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1)
  • 2 x 2mL Super Etch Gel Syringes
  • 25 x Super Etch Disposable Tips
  • 1 x 5mL Zipbond Universal
  • 40 x Points, fine tip (white)
  • 2 x mixing well – dual





Luna 2 Syringe 4g Refills

Luna 2 Syr A1 – Vita® A1 – 8452001

Luna 2 Syr A2 – Vita® A2 – 8452002

Luna 2 Syr A3 – Vita® A3 – 8452003

Luna 2 Syr A3.5 – Vita® A3.5 – 8452004

Luna 2 Syr B1 – Vita® B1 – 8452006

Luna 2 Syr B2 – Vita® B2 –8452007

Luna 2 Syr C2 – Vita® C2 –8452010

Luna 2 Syr Opaque OA2: opaquer with A2 shade – 8452015

Luna 2 Syr Opaque OA3: opaquer with A3 shade – 8452016

Luna 2 Syr I –Incisal: more translucent, equivalent to enamel – 8452018

Luna 2 Syr XB – Extra Bleach shade: equivalent to 0M2 Vita® – 8452021

Luna 2 Syr 2XB – 2x Extra Bleach shade: equivalent to 0M1 Vita® – 8452022

Luna 2 Complet Refills (0.25g x 20 refills; 5g total)

Luna 2 Comp A1 – Vita® A1 –8452051

Luna 2 Comp A2 – Vita® A2 – 8452052

Luna 2 Comp A3 – Vita® A3 -8452053

Luna 2 Comp A3.5 – Vita® A3.5 – 8452054

Luna 2 Comp B1 – Vita® B1 – 8452056

Luna 2 Comp B2 – Vita® B2 – 8452057

Luna 2 Comp C2 – Vita® C2 –8452060

Luna 2 Comp Opaque A2: opaquer with A2 shade –8452065

Luna 2 Comp Opaque A3: opaquer with A3 shade – 8452066

Luna 2 Comp I –Incisal: more translucent, equivalent to enamel – 8452068

Luna 2 Comp XB – Extra Bleach shade: equivalent to OM2 Vita® – 8452071

Luna 2 Comp 2XB – 2xExtra Bleach shade:equivalent to OM1 Vita® – 8452072




Premium Complet Applicator 5545022

Luna 2 performance is enhanced by these products.

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