Radii Plus, Reality;; 2008.

“Interesting design fits well in most hands and allows easy access even for third molars, quiet, light-protection covers that don’t slip off, reasonable power and attractive price. Diagnostic tip is an added bonus. Sixty second curing interval much better than those that shut off after 10 seconds.”

Four star rating from Reality evaluators.


Radii Plus, THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 23, No. 3, April 2006.

radii plus received excellent ratings for its sleek, thin design, and swivel head. The swivel head is an improvement over the original radii, increasing the usefulness of the unit. The handpiece is stable in the cradle for storage and recharging between uses. Consultants liked the narrow orange light shield at the tip, stating that it was effective without interfering with access or visibility. ++++ ½ rating.


LED Light-curing Units, THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol 23, No. 5, April 2006.

The Radii Plus was one of eight curing lights that had received a rating from the Dental Advisor and was listed on their LED light buyer’s guide.

Twelve consultants evaluated Radii Plus during a three-month period and received a 93% rating.


FirstLook Curing Lights – Radii Plus, Reality, Number 183, October 2006.

The Radii Plus received a First Look from the Dental Advisor.

Some comments from evaluators:

  • “With its selection of tips, it seems to have carved out a unique niche among the wand-based models.”
  • “its innovations may appeal to you.”


LED Curing Lights, ADA Professional Product Review, Vol 1, Issue 2, 2006.

The ADA tested eight brand of curing lights for a variety of features. In addition to laboratory testing, input about the products was collected from dentists.

Radii Plus received the third highest lab score with only 2% less than the highest scoring light.


Comisi J.C.; Clinical Diagnostic Using SDI’s Diagnostic Attachment; Shine, NZ, Sept/Oct, 2007.

A new diagnostic aid is now available that will be an invaluable tool for dentists and hygienists. It is small device that can detect some interesting findings while doing a routine clinical evaluation or help identify the hard to locate and often elusive Mb2 canals in maxillary endodontic procedures. It is the Diagnostic Attachment for the Radii Plus curing light by SDI.

Words from Dr J Comisi (NY, USA) of his personal clinical experiences using SDI Radii Plus Diagnostic Attachment as an important adjunct to his normal examination techniques.


The Dental Advisor 2007 Preferred Products, Vol 24, No. 1, January / February.

The Radii Plus was one of only 5 curing lights chosen as preferred curing lights for 2007.


Knight G; Aesthetic Update, Sept 2009.

“Spring is the bleaching season and many practioners will find an increasing demand from patients for tooth whitening.”

The Radii Plus Bleach Arch was recommended by Dr Knight as a relatively inexpensive tip that fits into existing Radii Plus curing light for dentists who wish to benefit from the marketing dollars spent promoting white light bleaching.


Glazer H.; What’s Hot and What’s Getting Hotter: Radii Plus Bleach Arch LED Attachment and Stand, AGD Impact, June 2009.

“I don’t often revisit a product once I write about it, but I’ll make an exception for the Radii Plus Bleach Arch LED, a great curing light that offers good value for money.” – Dr H Glazer