LED light curing meter

  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind
  • Prevent post-op sensitivity by ensuring optimal curing
  • Enhance your everyday clinical procedures
  • Compatible with ALL curing lights
  • No pre-calibration is required
  • Off-centre reading compatibility
  • Lightweight, compact with smart technology
  • Measures the crucial light intensity between the 380-550 nm wavelength range
  • Provides readings between 300 to 3,000 mW/cm2

An excellent device. The larger sweet-spot area for reading makes it possible to capture the light of tips with different diameters.”

Dr Carlos José Soares, DDS, MSc, PhD
Professor and Chair Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials Department School of Dentistry Federal University of Uberlândia – Brazil 

Outstanding Accuracy

Results from a study of 7 radiometers and 23 curing lights confirmed that Radiometer X has outstanding accuracy compared to its peers – some of which are extremely expensive and slower units.

When combined with the SDI Radii LED curing light range, the Radiometer X delivers an accuracy (r value) of 0.95 , ensuring the most accurate reading.

Source: Dr Carlos Jose Soares (PhD)
~ Radii Plus; Radii Cal; Radii Xpert/Monowave tip; Radii Xpert/Multiwave tip.
** Bluephase Meter II includes a LED diameter checker. Accuracy readings will vary if the user enters an incorrect diameter or includes the LED casing as part of the diameter.

For All Led-Curing Lights

Radiometer X is compatible with all curing lights. It is designed to measure the crucial light intensity between the 380-550 nanometers wavelength range. Radiometer X provides readings between 300 to 3,000 mW/cm2.

No Calibration Required

While other radiometers require manual calibration between different lens widths, Radiometer X is engineered to automatically adjust to all lens diameters.

This automatic adjustment eliminates the possibility for user errors, ensuring optimal accuracy.

The reading output is highlighted with large visible numbers for easy reading.

Accurate Off-Centre Readings

While other radiometers display significantly different readings for curing lights that are tested only a few degrees off-centre, Radiometer X has a wide angle tolerance zone.

This larger ‘sweet-spot’ results in more precise readings by eliminating off-centre differences. 

Smart technology

The digital display powers on and off automatically for longer battery life. 

Lightweight and compact

Weighing only 125g / 4.4oz, the ergonomically designed          
Radiometer X is easy to carry and store in any dental practice.

Best in class warranty

Radiometer X comes with an unbeatable 5 year warranty.

Inadequate light curing can lead to reduced bond strength, microleakage, post-operative sensitivity, pulpal toxicity, recurrent caries, lack of colour stability, increased wear, and fracture. “

Strassler, Howard & Price, Richard. (2014)


Warranty 5 Years
Off-centre reading compatibility Yes
Wavelength range 380 – 550 nm
Light intensity 300 – 3,000 mW/cm2
Measuring accuracy ± 10%*
Weight 125g / 4.4oz

*For Radii Xpert, Radii Plus and Radii Cal (SDI Limited). Other curing lights may have a larger variance.

†Strassler, Howard & Price, Richard. (2014). Understanding light curing, Part I. Delivering predictable and successful restorations. Dentistry today. 33. 114, 116, 118 passim; quiz 121.

Radiometer X

  • 1 x Radiometer X
  • 1 x Alkaline 9v Battery (included)