Smart Design, extremely stable and easy to manoeuvre.

The Pola Whitening Stand comes in a smart and slimline design that supports both Radii Plus and Radii Xpert curing lights. 

Wide range of movements and adjustments

The Pola Whitening Stand has five rotation points, allowing you to adjust the stand up to 360° to achieve the exact position you require.

Lightweight, Cordless And Compact

Moving and positioning the stand is simple due to the lightweight and cordless design. The compact stand is easy to clean and can easily be stored away when not in use. 

Stability of the System

The stand brakes ensure the base remains steadily in place while in use.

Equipped  with Wheels

The stand is equipped with wheels allowing complete freedom of movement and control from room to room.


The stand can be positioned beside or behind the patient, depending on the practice requirements.

Versatile stand for use with leading products made  by SDI

Radii Xpert curing light

The Radii Xpert is the latest generation curing light. Using the experience gained by producing over 100,000 LED curing lights, SDI’s latest addition, the Radii Xpert showcases leading polymerisation technology with a precise collimated beam. The refined LED technology combines with a customisable timer display, an ergonomic grip and 360° rotating head to give you an optimal cure every time. The Radii Xpert will cure all commercially available composites without the need for a polywave light, while featuring a light intensity and beam profile capable of curing deep restorations. 

Radii Plus curing light

The Radii Plus is a versatile curing light for curing and transilluminating. A simple to use and sturdy design, it can combine with six attachments to give you the perfect curing result every time. The supplied battery provides charge for up to 1,200 cures, ensuring that the Radii Plus will be ready when you are. 

Pola Office+ in office tooth whitening system – 37.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

Millions of smiles around the world have been whitened by the Pola Office+ advanced tooth whitening system. White smiles can be achieved in less than 30 minutes using this 37.5% hydrogen peroxide gel. Just a thin layer is needed, and the automix syringe allows for simple delivery of the gel. With a neutral pH and inbuilt potassium nitrate, Pola Office+ ensures maximum comfort for your patients. 

Radii Plus and Radii Xpert curing lights shown for display purposes only. 

Pola Whitening Stand 

  • 1 x Stand 
  • 1 x mount for SDI Radii Plus 
  • 1 x mount for SDI Radii Xpert 
  • Accessories