Biofilm + sensitivity eliminator

A STAR product containing three powerful components:

Together, these have a powerful effect to provide instantaneous relief to hypersensitivity.

Increasing bond strengths of GICs

Pre-treating tooth surfaces with Riva Star is a great way to enhance bonding of glass ionomers to dentine6.


Riva Star is essential for clinicians practising Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)1-3,5. It conditions dentine and may assist tooth preservation.

Two years and beyond desensitising effect

Clinical studies support the immediate effect of Riva Star and its long term effect of over two years7.


Riva Star was designed by three renowned Australian clinicians, bringing together their clinical knowledge and experience of using these three exceptional components, and combining them into one STAR product – Riva Star!

Patented procedure

Unlike other silver fluoride systems, Riva Star’s two step patented procedure minimises the risk of staining. By applying the potassium iodide solution over the silver fluoride, a silver iodide creamy white precipitate is formed and washed off.


  • Desentising cervical tooth hypersensitivity.
  • Cavity cleansing

No Staining

Antibacterial Activity

Riva Star is an effective biofilm inhibitor. This is supported by study results from Otago University (NZ), that Riva Star has a higher inhibition zone against four bacterial species compared to sodium hypochlorite.

Agar plate cultured with S. mutans

Antimicrobial activity of NaCIO and SDF/KI against Endodontic pathogens8

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Download Riva Star Instructions – Capsule

Download Riva Star Instructions – Bottle


1. Clean teeth with prophy paste and isolate area with cotton rolls.


2. Dry area and apply a small amount of Gingival Barrier to adjacent tissue. Protect lips with petroleum jelly/cocoa butter.

3. Light cure in a fanning motion.

4. Using silver brush, pierce foil on silver capsule. In circular motion, push foil to the edge of the opening.

5. Carefully apply solution from silver capsule to treatment site only.

6. Immediately using green brush, pierce foil on green capsule. In circular motion, push foil to the edge of the opening.

7. Apply generous amount of solution from green capsule to treatment site. Keep applying until creamy white turns clear.

8. Blot dry, remove gingival barrier.

CAUTION: The material could stain teeth if incorrectly used. Patient must be informed of this risk prior to its use.

Riva Star Bottle kit
  • 1 x 1.5mL Riva Star Bottle Step 1
  • 1 x 3mL Riva Star Bottle Step 2


Riva star bottle kit
Riva Star Capsule kit
  • 10 x Riva Star Step 1 (Silver single dose)
  • 10 x Riva Star Step 2 (Green single dose)
  • 2 x 1.0mL Gingival Barrier Syringes
  • Accessories


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Paediatric dentistry for the general practitioner

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