High silver,  high strength, spherical amalgam

Lojic+, the platinum modified, high silver, non-gamma 2 spherical amalgam

Lojic+ has exceptional early strength, smooth handling and excellent polishability

Over 30 million successful Lojic+ restorations have been placed since its release worldwide in 1988

Optimal handling characteristics

Lojic+ mixes homogeneously, is easy to load into the carrier, condenses well, burnishes and carves nicely (3). The Dental Advisor stated “no marginal ridge fractures were reported upon matrix removal (3).

Lojic+ is easier to establish proximal contacts than with other single-composition spherical alloys(4).

90% of The Dental Advisor consultants felt the amalgamated mass had the right consistency and that the capsule to capsule consistency was excellent(3).

Low microleakage (2)

The microleakage for Lojic+ is considerably lower than other spherical alloys. Extensive microleakage has been related to increased post operative sensitivity.(2)

High compressive strength (1)

Lojic+’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing the restoration. High compressive strength ensures a tough and durable long lasting restoration.

Greater choice of setting times and larger choice of capsule sizes

The working and setting times allow large restorations to be condensed and carved without difficulty.

Platinum modified

The addition of platinum improves the compressive and tensile strengths.

Conventional Capsules

The plungers denote the spill size:

NOTE: 5 spill only available in regular set

The rest of the capsule denotes the setting speed:

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(1) Source-Published and SDI test data.

(2) Mahler, D.B., Bryant, R. W., Microleakage of amalgam alloys: An update, JADA September 1996, Vol. 127: 1351-1356

(3) The Dental Advisor Plus, September/October 1994, Vol. 4, No. 5.

(4) Lt. Col. Roberts, 56-07 Lojic+ Amalgam (Project 98-03), Brooks Airforce Base, United States Airforce Dental Investigation Services.


Boxes of 50 capsules – one spill 400mg alloy

4201404 slow set

4201303 regular set

4201202 fast set


Boxes of 50 capsules – two spill 600mg alloy

4202404 slow set

4202303 regular set

4202202 fast set


Boxes of 50 capsules – three spill 800mg alloy

4203404 slow set

4203303 regular set

4203202 fast set


Boxes of 50 capsules – five spill 1200mg alloy

4205000 regular set


Jars of 500 capsules – one spill 400mg alloy

4221404 slow set

4221303 regular set

4221202 fast set


Jars of 500 capsules – two spill 600mg alloy

4222404 slow set

4222303 regular set

4222202 fast set


Jars of 500 capsules – three spill 800mg alloy

4223404 slow set

4223303 regular set

4223202 fast set


Jars of 500 capsules – five spill 1200mg alloy

4225000 regular set