Ultra Universal Restorative Material

  • 8 dentine shades and 3 enamel shades to reproduce the natural colours of teeth
  • A simple layering technique with zero guesswork
  • Superior strength and wear resistance 
  • High polishability and gloss
  • Non-stick and easy to sculpt
  • Ultra High Density (UHD) filler with low-shrinkage resin
  • High flexural strength

Aura layering technique video

Watch an overview of Aura being used to restore a smile using the layering technique.

Simply Elegant

Dentine and enamel, with Aura ultra universal restorative system, is the easy solution to creating as close to nature anterior and posterior restorations.

Based on the natural make-up and colours of the dentine and enamel, Aura uses a logical yet innovative approach to shade-matching and layering in one single composite system. Its unique blend of filler and resin work in harmony to deliver the strength and aesthetics needed to provide long-lasting and life-like restorations with ease.

Experience The Modern Microfill

Aura combines a new low shrinkage resin composition with a unique morphology of ultra high density (UHD) filler. This provides the exceptional strength of a nano-hybrid composite that can withstand high compressive forces, coupled with an enamel shade range madefrom microfilled pre-polymerised particles for easy polishability and sculptability.

Eliminate The Guesswork

Aura removes the guesswork from finding the right shade for your restorations with its unique linear and scientific arrangement that brings predictability and simplicity to customising shades.

Selecting the dentine shade plays a major role in determining the overall tooth colour (hue). Nearly all dentine falls into the red-brown-yellow hue. Aura focuses on where tooth colours vary (the ‘chroma’) and how strong or weak the chroma is to recreate the natural make-up and colours of the enamel and dentine.

Aura Enamel Shade

Choose the enamel shade from the incisal edge of the neighbouring teeth. Aura enamel shades E1, E2 and E3 are microfilled for easy polishability to a mirror finish and a high shine and gloss that is retained indefinitely.

  • E1: Young / bleached teeth (Most whitest/lightest, high opalescence, low translucency, designed to emulate young enamel)
  • E2: Adult teeth (Neutral in colour, low opalescence, intermediate translucency, designed to replace adult enamel)
  • E3:Senior teeth (Yellow/grey, high translucency, aged enamel)


Aura Dentine Chroma

Match the shade to the dentine and the gingival/cervical region using the large chroma scale Db, DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4, DC5, DC6 and DC7. Aura dentine shades are nano-hybrid composites based on a single opacity and single hue that is fluorescent. Its excellent handling properties allow busy clinicians to contour and shape without slumping or sticking to instruments, making it possible to achieve beautiful restorations quickly and easily – first time, every time!


Aura’s impressive compressive strength*

The unique morphology of the UHD filler provides an extremely high strength interface that can withstand high compressive forces.

High marks for Aura’s high flexural strength*

Aura’s superior flexural strength means it is able to withstand forces transmitted in the mouth.

Minimal volumetric shrinkage for maximal dimensional stability*

Aura combines a new low-shrinkage resin composition with a new Ultra High Density (UHD) filler.

Source:  Chu S.J, Devigus A, Paravina R.D, Mieleszko A. J; Fundamentals of Color – Shade Matching and Communications in Esthetic Dentistry; p.89, 2nd Edn.

*Data on file, SDI Limited 2014.

Aura Master Introductory Kit – Syringes

  • 8 x 4g syringe (Db, DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4, DC5, DC6, DC7)
  • 3 x 3g syringe (E1, E2, E3)
  • 1 x 4g syringe (bulk fill)
  • 2 x Aura Master Shade Guide




Aura Syringe Refills

8560011 – 1 x Db – 4g

8560004 – 1 x DC1 – 4g

8560005 – 1 x DC2 – 4g

8560006 – 1 x DC3 – 4g

8560007 – 1 x DC4 – 4g

8560008 – 1 x DC5 – 4g

8560009 – 1 x DC6 – 4g

8560010 – 1 x DC7 – 4g

8560012 – 1 x Bulk Fill – 4g

8560001 – 1 x E1 – 3g

8560002 – 1 x E2 – 3g

8560003 – 1 x E3 – 3g



Aura Complet Refills

8565011 – 20 x Db – 0.25g

8565004 – 20 x DC1 – 0.25g

8565005 – 20 x DC2 – 0.25g

8565006 – 20 x DC3 – 0.25g

8565007 – 20 x DC4 – 0.25g

8565008 – 20 x DC5 – 0.25g

8565012 – 20 x Bulk Fill – 0.25g

8565001 – 20 x E1 – 0.2g

8565002 – 20 x E2 – 0.2g

8565003 – 20 x E3 – 0.2g