S stands for simple!

High speed multi-use triturator

  • Accurate and consistent trituration
  • Low vibration and extremely quiet
  • Simple to use – just 3 buttons
  • Suitable for all your capsules
  • Easy to clean
  • Low power indicator and shut off function
  • Dual voltage
  • 2 year warranty

2 Years Warranty

The Ultramat S’s robust and reliable construction assures your purchase is a long lasting investment.


So simple,  just 3 simple buttons

There are three time setting options, 6, 8 and 10 seconds to mix all your encapsulated materials. The unit can be stopped at any time by pressing these buttons during operation or just by lifting the lid.

So easy to clean!

The hygienic one surface cover facilitates infection control cleaning and the non-porous plastic surface can be cleaned with any dental disinfectant.

Accurate and consistent trituration

The Ultramat S features a microprocessor controlled oscillator timer for accurate and consistent trituration.

Dual voltage

The Ultramat S operates on voltages between 100-120V and 220-240V, 50 and 60Hz for compatibility with multiple power voltages and frequencies.

Low vibration and extremely quiet

Unlike some amalgamators, the Ultramat S has a low noise output. Minimal vibration of all external parts ensures it will not move from its standing position.

Low power indicator and shut off function

Should the power supply fall outside the required ranges of 100-120V and 220-240V, the power indicator will flash blue and the unit will not function until correct power is supplied to it. This prevents under-mixed materials.

Suitable for all your capsules

The bendable forks can fit a multitude of round end capsules (amalgam capsules), and also those with protruding nozzles (glass ionomer cement capsules).

Safety feature

The Ultramat S will immediately stop mixing when the transparent lid is opened.

High energy output and low energy input

Possessing a mixing frequency of 4550 oscillations per minute (+/- 1%), the Ultramat S ensures complete mixing of any dental material, however it consumes relatively low power.

Ultramat S (All countries – includes power cord for region product is shipped to)