Covid-19 update

Dear Valued Customer,

As we continue to navigate through the unprecedented challenges posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to let you know that we are committed to supporting you and your needs. Our greatest priority is the health and safety of all our stakeholders, our business partners, suppliers, our teams around the world and of course you, our valued customers.

SDI is proud and particularly fortunate to be an Australian manufacturer during these difficult times. Manufacturing locally in Bayswater, Victoria and largely supported by local suppliers with trusted business relationships, will enable us to continue manufacturing and supplying both domestically and internationally. We do not foresee any challenges currently that we cannot overcome, to continue the supply of our key brands and products into the foreseeable future.

SDI has implemented critical initiatives in response to the onset and spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community, to further ensure that our manufacturing facility in Victoria can continue operations to meet your supply needs, in most any scenario. If you are finding issues with the supply of your regular consumables, SDI manufacture and supply Silver Diamine Fluoride with Potassium Iodide (SDF/KI*), Glass Ionomer Cements (GIC’s), Composites, Cements, Adhesives, Amalgam and Teeth Whitening.

For information on SDI’s product range simply go to:

With COVID-19 containment methods escalating, minimising aerosols and airborne particles in dental practices is a critical topic and both ART and SM-ART (Silver Modified* ART) techniques are being proposed and recommended to triage patients and emergency cases until standard dental treatment can continue. Our SDF/KI* and GIC’s can greatly assist with this protocol and we are exploring providing webinars on the topic that may assist you treat patients with minimally invasive techniques to help control and prevent the spread of the virus whilst still offering emergency patients a standard of care and treatment that will keep them functioning for a provisional period until such time that you can recommence standard dental restorative procedures.

For information on our SDF/KI Riva Star* go to:

In this time of social distancing, SDI’s sales product specialist team and customer service team are here to support you. Our sales teams can hold business meetings externally from your offices or via videoconferencing if preferred. Supporting you through these times remains a top priority for all of us here at SDI.

SDI’s thoughts are with all those affected by the global outbreak, we want you to know that we’re monitoring the situation closely and implementing all levels of prevention as outlined by the WHO in addition to several additional preventative measures

*Not available in New Zealand