Eisdorfer J. M.; Bleaching for Various Complexions; Dentistry Today, December 2002.
Dr. Eisdofer’s patients are based in New York City and are made up of a wide variety of different ethnicities, among them African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian. His goal for each patient is to enhance the natural beauty of the teeth, and create a smile that looks good, without looking artificially brightened.

Pola Office was found to be both safe and reliable for these patients using the Lumalite light.


Hermeler L., In Office Bleaching: A proven concept, Dentalzeitung, Fachhandelsorgan des BVD, issue 4th August 2003.

User report. Original report is in German.

In nearly all cases the patient is highly satisfied with the achieved whitening effect after only one in-office sitting of a maximum of 3 applications of the Pola Office bleach gel. Pola office is an uncomplicated, high performance and efficient whitening system.


Lorenzo J. A. and et al, Blanqueamiento dental vital combinado: una alternativa terapéutica en las discoloraciones dentales de carácter moderado/severo; Archivos de Odonto Estomatología, volumen 20, número 7, Septiembre 2004.

Article is in Spanish

Three bleaching treatments of mild or intense discoloured vital teeth, using combined in office and take home bleaching systems, Pola Office, 7.5%HP (Pola Day), 16% CP and 22% CP (Pola Night).

After two sessions of in office whitening with 35% hydrogen peroxide for each arc, followed by 3 weeks of take home treatment with 7.5% HP (1st week), 16% CP (2nd week) and 22% (3rd week).

Such combination of the Pola range of products achieved satisfactory results in moderate to severe dental discolorations.


Possenti A. and et al; Sbiancamento Professionale Con L’uso Del Laser ND-YAG (In-office bleaching with Nd-Yag laser), Rivista Italiana Igiene Dentale 2005 Mag-Ago; 1(2):37, Universita degli Studi di Roma.

Article is in Italian

The possibility to whiten teeth with laser beam is arousing the interest of more and more dentists. The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Nd-Yag laser in activating a 35% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel (Pola Office).

Results showed a good bleaching effect, with a significant increase in tooth whitening(5 Vita shades). Adverse reactions were neglible and transient.


Characteristics of 8 in-office bleach systems, CRA Newsletter, Volume 27, Issue 3, March 2003, Page 1-3.

This is the 2nd report in an on-going evaluation of in-office vital tooth bleaching products addressing what lights add to in-office bleaching.

Pola Office has a colour change of only 0.4 shade less than the system that has the highest colour change, Opalescence Xtra Boost. However, Opalescence Xtra Boost has a total contact time of 60 minutes compared to Pola Office of only 12 minutes.


In-Office Tooth Lightening – 1-Year Recall, CRA Newsletter, Volume 28, Issue 6, June 2004, Page 1-2.

March 2003 CRA Newsletter reported on 7 in-office bleach systems. Questions that remained unanswered were: 1) How long do bleached teeth retain their lightness? 2) Is reduction in lightness the same for all bleach systems? & 3) Does use of lights with bleaching make long term difference?

Mean lightness regressed over time for all 7 systems, resulting in similar lightness at 1 year. However, in spite of regression, teeth were lighter at 1 year than before. Regression in tooth lightness was person dependent. At one year there was no difference between light treated & non-light treated teeth.


Franchi I., Portolini S., Consolo U., Professional Clinical Bleaching with Pola Office: 6 Month Clinical Results with Spectrophotometric Analysis, 2005.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment with spectrophotometric analysis, comparing, before and after bleaching, the shade, chroma and light parameters of the anterior upper elements (from canine to canine) on a sample of ten people. Spectrophotometric analysis was repeated 6 months after initial bleaching to determine whether any changes in color had occurred.

Esthetic results obtained using Pola Office bleaching procedure were visibly significant; this result was confirmed by colorimeter analysis. The harmony between chroma, shade and light remained 6 months after the bleaching.


Pola Office; THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 23, No. 3, April 2006.

Pola Office received a 88% rating from the Dental Advisor.

Some consultants’ comments

  • “The results we received were very good.”
  • “The eight-minute applications make the overall procedure very quick.”
  • “Great for our patients who have difficulty sitting through a long procedure.”
  • “From a dental assistant’s view, it is very easy to use.”